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Jui Banerjee

Entrepreneur. Wild Life Conservationist. LeadHer

In this edition of LeadHers, we are so proud to present the dynamic, multi talented and a self- made woman!
Meet Himani Monalisa Dutta. Himani is an experienced media personality, with an illustrious career in modelling, acting, RJ, volunteering. She is bold. She is passionate and she believes in paying it forward through her work.

Read about her heart warming story.


An unconventional team

Would you tell us something about working with the locals especially the Masai tribe please. How is it working with a native tribe?

Very little is known about the Masai tribe. Till date, they remain a mystery to most. I believe the wildlife is still existent in such abundance here, only because of their ability to coexist with nature. They don’t hunt the wildlife for consumptive use. Their existence in this environment leaves behind a very low footprint. And that in today’s context has become a very important role indeed. So, we find ourselves talking extensively about them to our clients.
So, here I am, living in a tent, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by the African wilderness. My school friends remind me that I have finally achieved my dream of living in the jungle. That dream, I’ve definitely achieved. But I have achieved so much more. I’ve been given the opportunity to live in a completely foreign environment with a tribe that was unfamiliar to me. As I have said before, I keep learning everyday, gaining an insight into various cultures and have the opportunity to be close to my favourite living beings….the animals. Living in Masai Mara gives me the access to various people whose sole goal is wildlife conservation. Through such organizations I’ve been able to participate in rescue missions of an orphaned baby elephant and a lion. The experiences of those two days will remain with me forever.


Taking a leaf out of her own book

What would be your message to Leadhers?

Dream big, push yourself outside of your comfort zone and then bask in the joy of accomplishing something that might have seemed impossible at first.

Himani Monalisa Dutta: Welcome
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